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We are Filipino artisans who have loved handcrafting and creating unique pieces since 1986.


We have sewn, embroidered and beaded, beautiful products by hand.


Our materials were mostly vintage, tribal or recylced. We bought from fleemarkets, estate sales and thrift shops.


The patterns we created were all original, and the nature of the


materials made each piece unique.



We were continuosly inspired by the world around us, sadly the world has decided interrupt our lives perhaps permanently.


The few men and women who came to the workshop are on lock down or the cost of transportation has made it prohibitive


to travel work.  Our markets and shops where we buy our materials have closed. 


We would like to think about a future, where we can re-start our work, but untill that time, the humming of the sewing


machines, the sound of scissors slicing through fabric, the chatter of peoples voices, the telephone ringing has stopped.


For now the gates have closed.



On this website are the last treasured pieces that are available for


delivery in Europe.