TC 0164-01  Madona and Child

TC 0164-02  Guada

TC 0162-03 Sacred Heart


All the angels are handmade, hand beaded and their faces are hand embroiderd.  The printed fabrics are vintage, from retro clothing or pillow cases.  The felt acrylic blend fabrics are new.  They are stuffed with cotton, and for those heavier pieces, they contain sand.

TC 4417-00 Swaying Angel S/3


A set of three, each with a different shape and a different pattern on her body.  The fabric is a acrylic felt blend, stuffed with cotton, handmade and hand beaded


TC 5255-00 14 cm Exploding Hair Angel

This angel has glass bugle beads sewn into her hair.  Her hair and wings are wired and bendable.  The felt is an acrylic felt blend.

15 cm Karla Angel

TC 0108-00  17 cm Jo Ann Angel

TC 0057-00  14 cm Ellen Angel

TC 4477-00  15 cm Miranda Angel

Miranda is a combination of a mermaid, princess angel.  The fabrics are vintage, and she is entirely handmade. 


She comes in two sizes.  Small is 9 cm x 40 cm, and medium is 12 cm x 54 cm.  Her legs are jointed so you can make her sit, and also hang her on a wall.  Her hair has wire, in her skirt there are little hearts, leaves and flowers.

35 cm Pilita

She is perfect for a windowsill, or mantel piece, her slim line is a perfect way to add dazzle to small spaces.

Swaying Angel, Vintage Fabric, Metal Cups 35 cm

Swaying Angels, Metal Cups, Felt-Avrylic Blend 35 cm

Broken Wing Angel 45 cm

Ellen Angel on Wooden Stand 15 cm x 32 cm